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Lohnsteuerhilfe für Arbeitnehmer Steinburg e.V.

In our rooms you can also find the advice center of the income tax help organization. They are supporting  

private individuals:  

We create your income tax return.  

This means we will review your records, determine your personal tax benefits and file your tax returns. 

We advise you throughout the year on all income tax issues.  

We submit all applications for tax reduction for you.  

This includes, for example, the child benefit application. 

Likewise, there are applications for a reduction in wage taxes - for employees with - e.g. high income-related costs. For you this means more net income in the current year.  

Furthermore we calculate how much tax refund you can expect or what tax back payment you can expect.  

We will check your tax assessment and will lodge an objection in case of doubt.  

We take over the communication with the tax office for you. 

For you this means: no more delays of deadlines and no clashes with tax officials.

Steuerteam GmbH - Tax Consultancy based in Landsberg am Lech

  Am Penzinger Feld 19a   D-86899 Landsberg am Lech   Tel. +49 81 91 - 91 70-0

  Fax +49 81 91 - 21 87 7


There is still a very good and thight cooperation with the company in which Ms. Slesaczeck completed her training and worked for many years, we can also support you in the area of ​​annual financial statements and tax returns.